We undertake evidenced based independent reviews to identify weaknesses in project enabling capability that threaten successful project outcomes.

We provide practical recommendations to address weaknesses and better assure ‘fit-for-purpose’ capability that underpins successful project outcomes.

Enterprise capability and lifecycle gate reviews

  • Initial ‘quick scan’ review identifies potential capability gaps and shortcomings that threaten project outcomes.
  • In-depth ‘diagnostic’ review identifies and addresses systemic capability issues that most impact project outcomes.
  • Governance and assurance assessment of an organisation’s Gate review & Peer review capability.
  • Due diligence capability reviews of major projects based organisations Business Framework.

Project capability and lifecycle gate reviews

  • Pre-contract reviews to assess and address the capability fundamentals underpinning the tender and the ‘planned project performance’ baseline.
  • Project performance reviews at key lifecycle gates to identify and address root-cause capability issues most impacting ‘actual delivery performance’ and variance to baseline.
  • Due diligence capability reviews of ‘problem projects’ provide an objective assessment to enable corrective action.

For major projects based organisations ‘fit-for-purpose’ capability means consistently applying ‘track record proven’ resources, processes, systems, tools and practices that enable the achievement of planned outcomes in an efficient and effective manner without undue complexity, bureaucracy and overhead.

Gate Reviews