Our commonsense approach draws upon 30 years of real world experience and lessons learned in providing an independent reality check to key stakeholders.

'Fit-for-purpose' assured capability and accountability drives tangible performance benefits both in short term project outcomes and in longer term organisational outcomes (sustainability).

Project performance benefits

  • New projects - key drivers for success are established from the outset.  Common causes of failure are dealt with pre-contract.
  • Existing projects - lead indicators detect emerging problems enabling a quick and focused response ie recovery, course correction or damage limitation action.

Enterprise performance benefits

  • Project lessons learned and good practice attributes are embedded in the Business Framework to strengthen organisational core capability and accountability.
  • Strong organisational capability drives repeatable project performance (sustainability) that enhances certainty of results.

For major projects based organisations sustainable success is driven by its ability to consistently deliver projects which meet challenging contracted requirements (including schedule, cost and quality), predictably, reliably and repeatedly with acceptable risk.